Endoscopic ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure performed at The Valley Hospital, which combines endoscopy and ultrasound to provide intricate images of the upper and lower sections of the gastrointestinal system. It is used to diagnose and evaluate masses, cysts, inflammation, and abnormalities of the organs of the GI system and surrounding tissue and blood vessels. EUS can also be used to obtain tissue for biopsies using fine needle aspiration and for evaluating and staging various types of cancer.

During EUS, the patient is given a sedative or general anesthesia. A thin flexible tube containing a tiny camera and an ultrasound transducer on the tip is inserted either into the mouth or rectum. EUS enables physicians to obtain images that are much more detailed than those obtained by a CT scan or regular endoscopy test. An EUS can be especially helpful in finding tiny growths that are suspected but cannot be found using traditional endoscopy or radiographic techniques. After EUS, the patient may return home if the test is conducted as an outpatient procedure.